The Care Van Program: A Small Program with a Huge Impact

The Care Van Program: A Small Program with a Huge Impact

The Caring Foundation of Texas offers free immunizations and dental services through its signature program: the Care Van. Throughout the Caring Foundation’s robust history, it has provided services in over 80 different counties of Texas and provided more than 1.3 million immunizations at no cost – a significant achievement in public health since the program’s inception in 1997. The foundation celebrated another major milestone with the unveiling of five new vans and the launch of two new initiatives in 2018.

 In every sense of the word, medical care is a hotly debated topic within the United States. In the midst of growing socioeconomic disparity, charities like the Caring Foundation of Texas are committed to improving children’s lives with its innovative Care Van Program.

With the help of host sites run by community organizations, more than 500 volunteers, corporate sponsors, generous individual donations and strong support from its clinical dental partners, the Care Van Program has been able to provide immunizations and oral healthcare to 25,000 children each year. The Care Van Program also reaches out to local schools to provide free oral screenings and non-invasive treatment at no charge to children who may not receive this care otherwise.

The Care Van Program teams with local community partners and volunteers in Texas to identify neighborhoods for Care Vans to visit. Over the course of 20 years, the Care Van Program has provided preventative healthcare to nearly 870,000 children and families to help eliminate the burden of possible medical expenses.

For every $1 spent on each of the 11 vaccines given routinely to children, our country saves $18.40 in future medical expenses should a child fall ill. One hundred percent of a donor’s tax-deductible donation to the Caring Foundation of Texas goes to providing health education, immunization resources, nurses and medical supplies needed to operate the Care Van® Program annually.

The foundation encourages all forms of gifts, from corporate sponsorships for our events to in-kind donations of medical gloves to printing forms and health education materials for families. Individual donors can also double or triple the number of children helped through one donation by enrolling in your employer’s matching gift program.

Together, we can build healthier futures, one child at a time! To learn more, visit the Care Van Program’s website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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