YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas

YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Healthy Kids, Healthy Families joined YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas’s effort to reduce pre-term births, encourage breastfeeding and equip first-time moms with substantial parenting skills.

How does it work?
Young Women Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is an early-intervention parenting education program based on 37 years of research focused on preventing negative birth outcomes as well as a host of maternal and childhood issues, such as birth defects, infant death, drug and alcohol abuse as among host of other traumatic problems.. YW NFP partners a registered nurse with a mother-to-be for the duration of the program, approximately 2.5 years, or until her baby turns 2 years old. YW NFP consists of 60+ home visits, averaging 60-70 minutes each. Nurses meet in the mother’s home in order to assess food availability, home environment and family dynamics. The nurse develops a strong bond with the mother where communicating and problem solving together lead to a long lasting relationship.

A woman pregnant with her first child and who meets established income requirements can apply for NFP services early in her pregnancy, but must be less than 28 weeks gestation. Most mothers served by YW NFP are between the ages of 13 and 21 and. YW NFP receives referrals from schools, family planning offices, clinics and other community partners.

This year, YW projects served 360 first time mothers and 270 babies through YW NFP, providing education and support to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improved pregnancy and birth outcomes for low-income mothers and their babies
  2. Improved child health and development
  3. Increased economic self-sufficiency that stabilizes families and strengthens communities

Both mothers and babies demonstrate success in the program. Of the births this year, 94% have had a healthy birth weight greater than 5.58 pounds and 93% were born full term. Immunization outcomes are collected at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months of age. 296 babies reached those milestones, with 95% current at 6 months, 96% current at 12 months, 94% current at 18 months and 95% current by 24 months.

Of the first-time mothers who enrolled in the program without a High School diploma, over a quarter of them had received their diploma or GED 6 months after delivering their baby; over 35 percent had received their diploma or GED 18 months after delivering their baby; and over 40percent had received their diploma or GED 24 months after delivering their baby! Those are some serious educational achievments!

On top of that success, get this! –Only about 40 percent of eligible women in the program age 18 or older were working at the time they were accepted into the NFP program, which jumps up to 70 percent by the time they reached the end of their eligibility(by their baby's second birthday)!

Wanna help? Learn more or get involved by visiting http://www.ywcadallas.org.