A Safe Place to Play for Homeless Youth

Dallas has one of the highest poverty rates for youth in the country.  Now, some members of that community have a new place to play.  Learn more about Promise House and find out how you can get involved: http://promisehouse.org   

Show Transcript

JACK: When we looked at Victory Meadow and realizing what a unique neighborhood this is, it's a place where a lot of folks will say it's where the crises of the world, the folks that are disrupted or refugees or immigrate to the United States. It's the front door of Dallas, that's where a lot of those people come and settle and it's their first chance to be part of the United States. We saw it as a really unique opportunity for us to play an active role in giving these folks something that they might need

NORMA: Before, the children didn't have anywhere to go so they were just playing on the parking lot, in their homes

JUSTIN: It wasn't fun at all, because I have nowhere to go I once in awhile ride my bike at night so no bullies would hit me

LANITA: and it's simply a community, it's heavily populated by mostly Latino Americans 2nd generation American so we have an awesome opportunity to help the kids learn English. They also are learning you know anti bullying techniques, focusing on a lot of just being able to be safe in a community We thought it was important to create that safe place and we are looking for a partner we have to do with KaBOOM! and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas because they've been doing this for a very long time. We know that they know what they're doing really good fit for us. We don't always get the the positive attention here in the communities especially in Vickery Meadow and so when you have as you can see behind me over 200 volunteers, painting, building a playground, I have to tell you I am overwhelmed emotionally with gratitude for them to sacrifice their time to be here it means a lot.

Justin: It's better, Heart House is awesome.


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