What’s Happening at the Witte Museum

It’s true what they say, everything is bigger in Texas! This year, we helped create a new interactive health museum that is unlike any other in the country!

We were excited to present the Witte Museum in San Antonio with a $750,000 grant for the HEB Body Adventure exhibit. The adventure provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn and engage in an environment that promotes physical activity. At the same time, the exhibit delivers scientifically accurate information on nutrition, physiology, anatomy and life balance that is targeted to each person. It was developed with a group of public health, medical, retail, education and museum professionals to address unhealthy living practices such as sedentary lifestyles and super-sized junk food. The HEB Body Adventure is a unique educational tool for family health and wellness.

The HEB Body Adventure has 4 floors, all to itself! Visitors can cycle through a virtual tour of the San Antonio riverwalk and examine a life-sized body on a virtual anatomy table. No ick-factor here, it’s all electronic! Not only can visitors enjoy the stationary exhibits, but they also can join in on the programs and events offered by the Adventure, such as culinary classes and summer camp for kids.

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