Leading by Example

“We have a health system that’s becoming unaffordable, but there are things we could do better,” says Darrell Beckett. “We could eat better. We could exercise more.” As Divisional Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Darrell Beckett leads by example. For years, he’s been establishing healthy habits with his family. And his role at work gives him the unique opportunity to help employers do the same with their employees. 

Show Transcript
DARRELL: I grew up in Hallsville, Missouri, a small town of about seven hundred and ninety people, about ten miles north of Columbia, Missouri right in middle of the state. Not a big town so, you know, you know pretty much everybody in town, and they know you. When I was a kid anything on wheels was attractive to me. We built ramps and jumped ditches and I have a passion for cars, old cars and muscle cars in particular. The more I learned about general business and marketing and those types of things, the more interested I became in that so changed my major. When I got to school my sophomore year and I got into the business school with a focus on marketing, I found myself a second semester, my senior year, accepting a job with this company. We do have a lot of fun as a family.
We get to go snow skiing and mountain biking and play golf together so, those things as a family I think are really fun activities. I think that the culture in our economy has changed over the years from blue collar work to more sedentary jobs and really a more sedentary lifestyle to be honest with you. Obesity sometimes prevents people from enjoying life to the fullest and doing things that
they would like to do but also from, you know, the contribution to the cost of care. I mean there's, and these things can be prevented and avoided. So we have a you know we have a health system that's becoming unaffordable in general but there are things that we all could do better. We can eat better, we could exercise more, we could get active, we could enjoy the outdoors more, that would improve our health. There needs to be more accountability in the health care system with all of the stakeholders. And that's Members, that's health plans, that's employers and that's individuals. We all know that the services that we use cost money. And so if there's ways that we can take better care of ourselves and avoid necessary health care services, that would be something that we should be as individuals accountable for, right? Every employer wants a healthy population they want healthy employees and healthy family members. They're more productive, they're happier with their jobs et cetera. So we're helping employers day in and day out, build health and wellness programs that people will engage with. I think part of the value of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and being a part of Health Care Service Corporation is that we're a member-centric and a member-owned company, and that creates a mission that we have that's a little bit different in the marketplace and that mission is around serving our members. I've always thought of small business owners. Every decision that a small business owner makes a super critical, right? I mean it really could make or break that business and that success, and I've asked our team members to view their jobs as if they were a business owner of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. And it’s really changed the way, I believe, our people approach our jobs and the way we
approach our customers.

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