Living365 : Helping Members Be Healthier

Living365 : Helping Members Be Healthier

You may have noticed this logo on some of the recent materials you’ve received from us.  If you wondered what it’s all about, we’re happy to share.

Our Living365® program is aimed at providing healthy guidance to members like you through classes, in-home test kits, printed materials, online resources and more. For members living with a chronic condition, like diabetes or asthma, better understanding of the condition, how best to use the medications or monitoring tools and how to manage symptoms plays a major role in feeling better.

That’s where Living365 comes in. Over the past two years, we’ve been offering exclusive live classes on managing diabetes and asthma/COPD at pharmacies around your state to our members.  These classes, led by local pharmacists and dietitians, give members like you more detailed condition guidance, better food choices and personal time to ask questions. When possible, classes are supported by written materials, in-home test kits and postings right here on our Connect blog.

“The reason we began Living365,” says Jay Gandhi, VP Enterprise Pharmacy, “is to support our members with more tools to manage their conditions and convenient access to local pharmacists and dieticians. With our timely brochures, informative websites and exclusive live classes, we want members to know that they’re not alone with their condition. Every day, we strive to help our members through their healthcare journey.”

And here’s some more good news about Living365. In 2019, we plan on expanding the program with more class offerings, locations, and materials. Keep an eye on your mail/email for updates!