Survey Says...

Survey Says...

If you are a member, you may get the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers (CAHPS) survey in the mail. The CAHPS survey is delivered March through June each year to get insight about your experiences over the past six months. 

The survey asks members to rate the health plan, the health plan quality, and the drug plan, as well as provide feedback in several areas including 

  • Getting needed care  
  • Getting appointments and care quickly  
  • Doctors who communicate well (reported to contracts - not reported to consumers)  
  • Customer service  
  • Getting needed prescription drugs (MAPD and PDP)  
  • Care coordination 

Members are chosen to participate at randomTo be eligible to participate if selected, you must meet some criteria, including being enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or a Prescription Drug plan for at least six months. If selected, you will first receive a pre-notification letter and then the survey will mail separately the following week. If your completed survey is not received, you may also receive a follow-up mailing, inclusive of the survey.   

Your responses help us to know what we're doing well and how we can serve you better. If selected, please complete the survey. Your feedback is appreciated. And remember – if you have questions or problems at any time, call the Customer Service phone number on the back of your member ID card. We'll be happy to help you! 

Important Plan Information


  • Hi Strick, You can contact customer service at the number on your ID card and they can take a look at why you've received this bill.  ~ Kayla

  • Had back surgery at Mem Herman MC in Houston in Feb., 2018.  Today in May 2019  I received their statement for $1000 for coverage you disallowed under my Supplemental.    I have no prior knowledge of this nor any info as to why you disallowed.   Meanwhile I recall last year BCBSTX had over one billion USD’s in reserves.    Otherwise Supplemental has been fine.  In my 4 yrs of retirement, you have discontinued RX coverage on 50 pc of my drugs, both statins, which I have replaced via a doctor’s visit with pseudo genetics.  A costly nuisance in time.   All my doctor friends tell me they prefer dealing with United Healthcare the best.  Hmmmm.

  • I am a BCBSFL retiree living in Texas.  Florida Blue gives me a partial reimbursement of the cost of my Medicare supplement provided that I buy it from BCBSTX.  I currently have Plan F.  I recently priced the plan with another company and was shocked to find it more than $50 per month less from the other company (USAA).  Considering the plan is exactly the same no matter who I buy it from, how do you justify your price?

  • I have been very happy with my BCBS supplemental insurance. I have been less satisfied with my Blue Cross Drug Policy. I have a rotator cuff injury that is not correctable with surgery. I occasionally have a flare of pain if I do something that aggravates it. I am prescribed Tramadol to keep and use as needed. I checked my policy and I am prescribed much less than the maximum dosage listed on my policy yet I had a problem getting more than 7 pills at a time. It is clear from my prescribing history that I am not a drug seeker with multiple doctors prescribing pain meds. I was treated more like a criminal trying to get this approved.

  • BCBS of Texas is my supplemental insurance.   I have been extremely  happy with my coverage.

  • I was a BCBS member in Michigan for around 30 years and very satisfied. When I had to switch to a Texas plan I was biased toward BCBS and made that choice. The information you provided when I was comparing plans said the CVS was the preferred provided and the CVS mail order service was the preferred 90-day source. So I prepared for easy transition ahead of time by establishing accounts and transferring prescriptions to CVS, informing all our doctors of the change and such. Of course once i was enrolled and having trouble with CVS I learned that all your information was wrong. Walgreens and Alliance Walgreens are the preferred providers. I then spent several weeks changing everything. You could not have made it any more of a mess. I can not understand how in December you were informing me the that it would be CVS in your published information and then January 1, whoops, just kidding' it is going to be CVS. Service is good from Alliance. Not as good as Express Scripts. Local Walgreens is marginal. That is why I was so happy that it was going to be CVS. Had I known your literature was wrong, I probably would have chosen  a different company to have CVS and avoid Walgreens.

  • Hello, I'm sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating experience. If you could send us a private message, I'd be happy to have someone look into these issues for you. ~ Heather

  • I am new, and still trying to understand things, the Rx seems confusing as far as my statements, I'm not sure where I stand.  Had a past due notice for a premium, I told whoever the rude lady was where I sent it, she told me it was the wrong place, but made no attempt to help me whatsoever.  This is not the same Blue Cross Blue Shield I have been using since the 1980's...those people were happy to help.  Oh Lordy, haven't seen a statement for Dr. yet...I only have one in town, so he better be in the network.

  • Hi Jacquie, I'm sorry to hear this. If there's anything we can help you with please send us a private message. ~ Kayla

  • Hi Lumarti, I'd like to have my team take a look at what's happened with this if you'd like to send us a private message. ~ Kayla

  • I have dental coverage that I can't use

  • I am very disappointed with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, I had my annual exam and I checked if Dr. Sandra Ordonez was IN-NETWORK with a Blue Cross and Blue shield of Texas agent and they verified to me that she was, I also called the Doctors office and they verified that she was in-network, double check online as well and all said that is was that this doctor was IN-NETWORK, but they  send me a bill for over 80.00 that it was not covered because the doctor Sandra Ordonez was not in-network, which is a lie.  I was so upset and just go ahead and paid the amount to the provider, but I will definitely will not continue with Blue Cross and Blue Shield next year for all these lies.