Keep Your Member ID Card Close

Keep Your Member ID Card Close

Lee esto en Español It might be a thin piece of plastic tucked in your wallet until you need it. Or it might be something you find in an app on your phone.

Either way, your member ID card packs a wallop. What else holds everything you need to take care of your health?

Why You Need It

Sure, you might take your member ID card for granted from time to time, but don’t forget it contains a wealth of information you need. Your card provides: 

  • Your identification number
  • Your group number (if you're part of an employer health plan)
  • Your plan type
  • Details on services you may have, such as vision, dental or prescription drug benefits
  • Phone numbers you, your doctors and other health care providers will find helpful – including numbers to call and verify your coverage before your appointments
  • Information your doctor, clinic and hospital needs
  • The dates of your health coverage

Once you are at the doctor’s office, you may need your member ID card to check in for your visit. The staff may make a copy of it for their files.

Getting Your Card

If your card is lost or you don’t receive it, you can access it from our mobile app or print out a temporary card from your Blue Access for MembersSM online account.

To get a temporary or new card:

  • Log in to BAMSM.
  • Click the Member ID Card button on the dashboard.
  • From there you can view, download and print your digital ID card. You can also order a new card by clicking the Order New Member ID Card button.
Keep Track of Your Health Info

You use your mobile phone for everything. It’s your connection to your friends. It’s your alarm clock. You may even use it to pay for your coffee. Why not use it to keep track of your health plan information?

With the BCBSTX mobile app, you have quick access to everything you need to know right at your fingertips. The app offers useful features that allow you to:

  • View, order or email your ID card
  • Access your claim, coverage and deductible information
  • Find a doctor, hospital or urgent care facility

The BCBSTX mobile app is free and available in English and Spanish. Download it from the Apple App Store leaving site icon or Google Play leaving site icon or text* BCBSTXAPP to 33633.

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Originally published 1/13/2020; Revised 2022, 2023