Get Our Top 4 Tips for Saving Money on Prescriptions

Get Our Top 4 Tips for Saving Money on Prescriptions

Lee esto en EspañolThere are several ways you can help keep your health care costs down when using your prescription drug benefits.

1. Use a Preferred Pharmacy

Before you fill prescriptions, be sure you are using a preferred pharmacy in the Preferred Pharmacy Network. Some medications have copays as low as $0 at preferred pharmacies. Some medicines can be filled in a 90-day supply at preferred pharmacies and by mail.

Get more information about finding a preferred pharmacy near you or how to switch to a preferred pharmacy.

2. Check Your Drug List

Your drug coverage is based on an approved list of drugs considered to be safe and cost-effective. The drug list is regularly updated. It is always a good idea to confirm your medication(s) is on the drug list. Ask your doctor if a different drug may work for you if your prescription is not on the list.

3. Consider/Ask About Generics

There are times when a generic drug may be a good option instead of a brand drug. Learn more about the difference between generic and brand drugs. Be sure to ask your doctor if there are generic options for your prescriptions.

4. Use Rewards if Available

When you choose your preferred pharmacy, ask if they have a member or buyer rewards program. You may earn rewards through purchases. Some pharmacies allow rewards to be used toward cash discounts on future purchases.

Originally published 2/12/2020; Revised 2021, 2022

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