No Need to Overanalyze-Just Immunize!

You always want to keep your children from harm, and protecting them from deadly diseases is an important part of keeping them safe.

Vaccines are a reliable way to prevent many once-deadly diseases. They work by exposing your body to weak or dead versions of disease-causing germs or viruses. Your immune system then builds up resources to fight those bugs in the future. Vaccines have slowed or stopped the spread of polio, measles, mumps and other diseases in the United States.  

Are Vaccines Safe?
You’ve probably heard a lot of talk in media, online and even in the carpool line about whether vaccinations are safe. Some parents aren’t sure about vaccinations, and many have refused shots for their children. In particular, many people in the last decade have wondered about the link between autism and vaccines.

Know that current research has found no connection between vaccines and autism. In fact, organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Institute of Medicine have reported that vaccines do not cause autism.

What does a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medical Director think is best for her child? Dr. Elif Oker shares her position on why immunizations are so important: