Diets for Pre-Diabetics

I'm pre-diabetic,  I'm about 5'5" and 207 lbs. with quite a bit of belly fat.  My doctor recommended a low fat diet & exercise.  Does low fat also mean low carb?  I tried the keto diet a couple of years ago but it was too restrictive, but that's low carb & high fat.  I don't need the high fat.  Kind of at a loss on what I need to be looking at.  I've also got a wicked sweet tooth.

  • Pre-diabetes is associated with insulin resistance and belly fat storage. Physical activity both resistance and cardiovascular and reduced intake of refined carbohydrate and choosing monounsaturated fats like olive oil, avocado and lean proteins helps our bodies utilize insulin better. A diet high in sugar will further exasperate insulin resistance and belly fat storage.

    I often suggest an eating approach that helps with developing a healthy relationship with food through learning mindful eating techniques. ‘Eat What You Love, Love What you Eat with Diabetes’ by Dr. Michelle May may be a helpful resource for applying this approach.

    In order for you to get the most appropriate nutrition direction, you need to be referred to/or find a Registered Dietitian to complete an assessment to understand your eating habits, goals, physical activity, other medical issues, labs, etc.

    If you are a BCBS member, log into Blue Access for Members then use Provider Finder to search "Nutrition & Diet". An option, if not a BCBS member is to go to and click on “Find an expert” on the right top corner. I hope this helps!

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