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  • Even in an Emergency, You Have Care Options
    • Here’s a simple test: Do a Google search using the words “emergency rooms are expensive.” The results will yield a plethora of headlines and stories about inaccurate billings, billing for services that were not performed or not medically necessary, inappropriate emergency room (ER) use and excessive and unconscionable charges for routine services.

DR. ESTEBAN LÓPEZ for The TribTalk
June 28, 2018

  • San Antonio’s Future Depends on STEAM Education
    • We expect that when these children graduate they’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to get a job and lead productive lives. What they learn and how they learn it is more important than it’s ever been because the world is changing faster than it ever has in history.

DR. ESTEBAN LÓPEZ for The Rivard Report
MAR 16, 2018

  • Watching Out for Health Care Fraud, Waste and Abuse
    • In considering the estimated billions of dollars lost annually due to waste, fraud and abuse, it becomes apparent why healthcare costs are rising at an unsustainable pace with the consequence being higher premiums and greater out-of-pocket costs for employers and healthcare consumers.

         Dr. Robert Morrow for The Houston Business Journal
          NOV 20, 2017
  • 4 Things to Know About the Top Drivers of Rising Healthcare Costs
    • There are some current realities – from hospital consolidation to free-standing emergency rooms to prescription drugs prices – which employers as well as their employees should know to understand what is contributing to the cost of care. Each one of these factors account for billions of dollars in costs. But let’s examine them separately.

Dr. Paul Hain for The Dallas Business Journal
OCT 16, 2017

Dr. Paul Hain for The Austin Business Journal
OCT 16, 2017

  • New Texas Legislation Protects Health Care Consumers

    • While much was discussed and debated during the 85th Texas Legislative session, two important and successfully passed bills will help protect Texas healthcare consumers from the outrageous costs and confusion associated with freestanding emergency rooms.

Dr. Dan McCoy for The Texas Tribune
OCT 10, 2017

  • How Healthcare Delivery is Evolving
    • In health care, yesterday’s thinking rarely solves tomorrow’s complex challenges. That’s why the range of innovation and technologies that continue to emerge in the health insurance industry are making a difference in both how insurers do business now and, in the future.

Dr. Esteban López for The San Antonio Business Journal
OCT 2, 2017

Dr. Robert Morrow for The Houston Business Journal
SEPT 1, 2017

Allison Aubrey for NPR
MAY 22, 2017

Jack Towsley for The Texas Tribune
MAR. 29, 2017

Dr. Esteban López for The Texas Tribune
MAR. 8, 2017

Bruce Y. Lee for Forbes
MAY. 7, 2017

  • Before You Reach for That Diet Soda, Read This

    • It's a refrain that many youngsters know by heart: Don't drink too much soda. Pase told The Washington Post that people should be "cautious" about their intake of diet sodas, noting that additional studies are needed.

Nick Mallard for Sentinel & Enterprise News
APR. 24, 2017

Ana Sandoiu for Medical News Today
APR. 10, 2017

  • PTSD 'Should Be Viewed As a Systemic Disorder'

    • A new study finds that adults with post-traumatic stress disorder are much more likely to experience sleep disorders, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular diseases, and numerous other health conditions. As such, researchers say that post-traumatic stress disorder should be considered a systemic disorder, as opposed to just a psychological condition.

Honor Whiteman for Medical News Today
APR. 1, 2017

Benedict Carey for The New York Times
APR. 1, 2008