• Adding a family member

    How do I know if my husband has been added to my insurance plan through the website ?

    is there a phone number I can call to verify if he is on the pan?

  • Member Not Found

    the website keeps giving a member not found error yet it allows me to change my password and user id.  How can I get this resolved?

  • How do I obtain my member ID number?

    I recently mover and lost my member ID card and welcome letter. How do I recover that information?

  • What’s My Member ID Number?

    Your member ID number identifies you as a covered member of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. It’s very important because it is how you access your benefits when you need care, much like a credit card lets you use your credit account to make purchases…

  • How to Use Your Digital Member ID Card

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    A device that was once only used for calling has become a tool that securely holds some of your most important assets. With your mobile phone, you can save photos of family and friends, use your preferred payment methods, even access your health insurance…