Self-Management Programs: Improving Nutrition

Self-Management Programs: Improving Nutrition

Nutrition is a complicated topic. Whether you’re trying to understand how to eat better because of a health condition or just for your overall health, learning about what not to eat can be overwhelming.  

Luckily, our Well onTarget portal provides self-management programs, tips and techniques and resources to help you effectively manage the learning process.

Our self-management programs consist of:

  1. Interactive courses with learning activities and content that focuses on behavioral changes to reinforce healthier habits.
  2. Educational courses that inform about symptoms, treatment options and lifestyle changes. These two learning methods allow individuals to study on their own time and may help them get to the next level of wellness.

These programs were developed in a way that makes it easy to learn. The course content reviews topics that a preventive in nature and based on recommendations by accredited programs and guidelines.

The Improving Your Nutrition program is for anyone who wants to understand how proper nutrition and healthy eating habits can reduce the risk of major diseases and improve health.

The courses are easy to access through the Well onTarget Member Portal at You can also use the mobile app, AlwaysOn®, to register for the Digital Self-Management programs.

Start improving your nutrition and sign up today, by visiting