Self-Management Programs: Managing Your Stress

Self-Management Programs: Managing Your Stress

Stress comes in different forms and can come from different areas of your life. Too much work? Not enough “me-time?” Too many commitments to keep track of? Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and may lead to low energy, headaches or body aches.

Luckily, our Well onTarget portal provides self-management programs, tips and techniques and resources to help you effectively manage stress.

Our digital self-management programs consist of:

  1. Interactive courses with learning activities and content that focuses on behavioral changes to reinforce healthier habits.
  2. Educational courses that inform about symptoms, treatment options and lifestyle changes. These two learning methods allow individuals to study on their own time and may help them get to the next level of wellness.

These programs were developed in a way that makes it easy to learn. The course content reviews topics that a preventive in nature and based on recommendations by accredited programs and guidelines.

The program dedicated to Managing Your Stress is for those with high levels of unmanaged stress. This program uses strategies and relaxation techniques to help members to better relieve the stress in their lives.

The courses are easy to access through the Well onTarget Member Portal at Another option is using the mobile app, AlwaysOn, to register for the Digital Self-Management programs.

Learn how to deal with your stress and sign up today, by visiting

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