Doctor, Retail Clinic, Urgent Care or ER?

Quick reference guide for PPO network treatment resources
Sometimes it’s easy to know when you should go to an emergency room (ER), such as when you have severe chest pain or unstoppable bleeding. At other times, it’s less clear. Where do you go when you have an ear infection or are not feeling well? The emergency room is an option, but it can be an expensive one. You have choices for receiving in-network care that works with your schedule and gives you access to the kind of care you need. Know when to use each for non-emergency treatment.

  • Hi Kelly, You can search for in-network providers in your area by utilizing the Provider Finder on Blue Access for Members (BAM). Once you have signed in to your account on our website at you will want to select the Doctors & Hospitals tab and click the link to: Find a Doctor or Hospital. Once redirected, you will need to use the white box near the center of the screen to search for a provider by name or provider type/specialty. It is recommended that you always verify with the provider that he/she is in-network at the time services are rendered. ~ Kayla

  • How can I find a list of in-network doctors in my area (Denver, Colorado)?