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  • Was forced to have the SERPINA1 blood/labs testing in Oct 2013 by team of docs, routine for wife's problem.

    BCBS denied claim covertly only to announce 3 months later we owed close to $1000 due to it.

    This of course ate up most of the reporting time required by BCBS's self serving policy.

    We appealed to both, doc team said don't worry, we've done this before & BCBS paid.

    BCBS denied again wanting MORE data.

    Docs replied again.

    BCBS then denied on basis that DOCS took too long, went past the BCBS deadline!??!?!!?

    ... as if negotiations didn't stop the running of deadline

    ... as if BCBS didn't contribute to the Lion's Share of eating up the deadline via their initial silence on the decision

    ... BCBS continues to stiff arm even Better Business Bureau, again with the tar baby silence, no cooperation

    Community ... HOW do we get our reimbursement?  We pay our premiums as part of our deal and expect BCBS promises to come true.

  • Hi tgiv, We can take a look at what's happened with your wife's claims. Send us a private message with your plan ID, contact information, and claim information and we will take a look at this for you. ~ Kayla

  • I have a 25 year-old daughter with a birthday in October. When does her coverage drop off of our plan?

  • Hi Daver, We'd need to take a look at your plan to see when your daughter's coverage would end as some plans may have different specifications on this. If you'd like to send us a private message with your plan ID I can check on this for you. ~ Kayla

  • I have an overactive bladder, is there any prescriptions I could take to help that is covered by BCBSTX?

  • Hi PJ1, We aren't trained medical professionals so we can't recommend a medication for overactive bladder. We recommend you speak with your medical doctor about this and see what medication they recommend and you can then contact us with that information and we can verify your plan's coverage for the recommended medication. ~ Kayla

  • Is it possible to pick up the phone??? I've been waiting for a customer service rep for over 45 mins and counting... I have questions regarding my PCP change and coverage.

  • Why is the wait time so long? I've been on the phone waiting to speak to customer service for 53 mins now... I have questions regarding my pcp changes and coverage

  • How do I see my eob for 2016?  I am fairly certain that I met my max out of pocket.   I have medical bills arriving demanding payment and I need to plan accordingly.

  • Hi Jim, You can view your explanations of benefits for claims on your Blue Access for Members account on our web site at

    If you have not created an account yet you can do so by selecting the Log In option and then New User? Register Now. ~ Kayla

  • How about this scam healthways is pulling cancelling the membership of us seniors without explanation.  Notice email below received last week"

    " Dear JERRY,

    Effective 03/01/2017 your Fitness Program account is cancelled and you will no longer be billed.

    We sincerely appreciate your participation in the Fitness Program and hope that you will consider joining us again.

    It is quick and easy to rejoin the Fitness Program. To do so, simply log in to your Blue Access® for Members account and re-enroll in the program. Shall you choose to re-enroll within 120 days, you will not be required to pay the enrollment fee again. Your previous account history has been saved for your convenience when you re-enroll in the Fitness Program.

    We invite you to call us with any questions at 1-888-762-BLUE (2583), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., EST.

    Yours in health,

    Fitness Program Team

  • Hi Jerry, There are currently some changes with the Fitness Program no longer being offered for some of our plans. You can contact customer service at the number on your ID card and they can check to see if your plan is impacted by this change. ~ Kayla

  • Why is Blue Cross bragging about spending $1.5 Billion over the next three years?   And cutting agent commissions by as much as 80 to 90%?

    How many working people could take such a cut in their pay and still stay in business?   This is more than reprehensible!!!!

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